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Sitopaladi Churna for congestion/bronchial issues

Sitopaladi Churna is used for upper respiratory congestion and bronchial conditions. Its takes with honey at sleeping time gives more effect for cough extricate.  It is one of the very easy-to-make Ayurvedic herbal powder mix. It is one of the best

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Links to articles I’ve written.

Aside from the 6 eBooks I’ve published over the last few years, I’ve also written a few articles, some of which are listed below:

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The Unbelievable Benefits Of DMSO

DMSO = Dimethyl Sulfoxide – a Sulfur Compound DMSO is a bio-chemical from pine trees that is made in the pulp and paper industry. It is also found naturally in garlic as one of garlic’s 70+ sulfur compounds. DMSO has

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Making probiotics for health

I began culturing and fermenting foods because of an illness that caused havoc to my gut health. Too many antibiotics and steroids left me weak, tired, and vulnerable to colds, flu, and other lurking viruses wanting to invade. I am

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Skin condition/UT/water/salt conversation

The following is a transcript of a Facebook message exchange between James Cooper of the Simple Truths Foundation and Ntsiuoa Mmakabelo Mofokeng Gumede from South Africa. It covers urine therapy, hydration and salt deficiency in relation to a chronic skin

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My day at the Simple Truths online office

Work begins over coffee in the morning when I open up my laptop and begin the process of catching up with everything; soon I have various windows open and am ‘multi-tasking’. The usual windows that I leave open include Facebook,

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Five skin care tips

WATER/SALT: ‘It is usually unintentional chronic dehydration that leads to disease in the body’, ‘water is the cash-flow of the body; don’t bankrupt yourself’ said Dr. Batmanghelidj of the ‘Water Cure’ fame. As far as skin conditions such as eczema

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Independent Cancer Research Foundation – Reference Manual

Fighting cancer can be compared to fighting a house fire. For example, suppose you had a house fire and the fire was in three rooms and spreading quickly. Suppose you called the fire department and a single person, in a

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Thoughts on hypertension

In my experience, high blood pressure is usually the result of UCD (unintentional chronic dehydration). The pioneering work into hydration by the late, great Dr. Bmanghelidj is synthesised in my book Water Therapy. There are some related articles at the

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3 Pillars for Beating Cancer

I call my three pillars to beat cancer the “survival triangle.” If you’re serious about keeping (or getting) cancer out of your life, follow these steps to better health. They are simple, proven fighters that will make you a winner

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