Customer endorsements.

Sue Jagger writes “James, we believe in you, not just because you sell the silver and products but because you are an open book, you encourage us to make our own , and you always there to advise and very knowledgeable.”

Katrina Harris writes “Katrina Harris It is both (selling CS products and providing a resource) thank goodness. I know James personally several years ago in North Goa, at this own cost, he trained a group of people who support WAG Welfare for Animals in Goa on a day course. Everyone, including people with their own businesses like yoga schools were totally blown away by him and CS. He sold the kits at a very reasonable price and gave several free to WAG for the animals health. With his products I have cured someone’s ear tip cancer (according to the clinic) and helped a friend with an auto immune disease lead a much better life with CS. I would never buy from anywhere other than James, his products are excellent, a reasonable price and you can trust them. I see stupid ads selling CS at ridiculous prices and who knows where it was made and bottled. James is determined to bring CS to the masses and this site is one way of doing it. There is nothing wrong with commerce, especially the way that James does it!”

Leila Sciortino writes “I am beyond elated that I have found James Cooper and his multiple resources for silver and gold knowledge and products! I wish I had known sooner but better now than never!”

Lori Benge writes “Finding your website and all of your help and knowledge has changed our life. It is amazing what all colloidal silver can do. Thank you!”

Sherry Karcher Marshall writes “James, if you keep this up I’m going to see you on the National News!!! The genius is at work again!! Blessings, Mate!!! DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!!! Lol. YOU ROCK!! God has been working hard on you. AGAIN, we all need to be thankful that you share as much as you do for mankind. Have a wonderful weekend Blessings!”

Cheryl Henson writes “I’ve tried other places to purchase my silver and am thankful I came across The Simple Truths Foundation. The response to all questions are prompt, honest, and very helpful, the service is fast, the quality of the products is second to none and I have recommended to many. I have purchased the Silver and gold concentrate, silver suds soap, all of which are fabulous. Can’t wait to try some more products to improve and maintain the health of myself and my family.”

Nikki Logan writes “James is so helpful, I was unsure when I first ordered 2 weeks ago and we already have firm family favourites”

Liliana writes “I am so grateful I purchased the kit…it comes with a lot more than just a kit. James’s advice is invaluable! He is so helpful and generous.”

Rita Batzakis writes “James if there was an award I could give you I would nominate you for the WORLD MISSIONARY HELPFUL PEACE PRIZE. You are very patient, my dad and I got to making CS last week, you stood by us on Facebook explaining step by step! I am privileged to stumble across this group! Thank you to eternity! The colloidal silver is so amazing even my dermatologist is blown away, she wanted to start me on methotrexate for my skin condition. Thank you again!”

Lyra Dreama writes  “I am very grateful for the high level of service, training and patience you offer. Your knowledge and approachable manner are inspiring.”

Pat Myers writes “I’m a recent addition to James’s colloidal silver and gold family. It’s rare to find someone with passion, knowledge, compassion and a will to share teach and encourage others to reap the benefits for themselves. Totally ethical and not profit driven. Kudos”

Carrin Behr writes “James Cooper is amazing, he willingly helps many, many people, God Bless him!!” :-

 Bobbi Morley Eccles writes “Yes, he is amazing just from what I read here o the Facebook group about him, is simply unreal for people today, how he goes above and beyond for us all here. God surly has Blessed James as he in return blesses us on here.”

“It’s so exciting to find a range of healthcare products that actually works far better than I’d hoped for, a whole new world of possibilities!”

“Receiving parcels from the Simple Truths Foundation is always such a treat, the pamphlets are co colourful and informative and the products are absolutely second-to-none.”

“My order came so fast I was surprised. I love every product I received. The healing gel is a life-saver. I bruised my shoulder and what a relief to use the gel!”

“I’ve been making a very effective Colloidal Silver for years and have enough experience to recognize that If you follow the Simple Truths Foundation’s advice you will be on the right path.”

“Your response to messages and millions of questions has been amazing for me, very impressed!”

 “I can’t believe there is someone that gives their time, knowledge and information so freely. Never had that before. Genuine Interest in helping others.”

“We are tickled to have found this site!! We’ve loved everything we’ve purchased here and the products work!! We’ve been so impressed by the free samples that he includes just by asking!! What took us by surprise was his willingness to help us save money by telling us how to make one of his gels!! What company does that?!”

“Weeping eczema…. Cured….Wrinkles…Gone…Memory…. Restored…. Scars… Diminished. James and his products are truly amazing and his advice and generosity are priceless!”

“Cruelty Free products that actually work . Free samples, deliveries next day .Always something new to try .Shilajit gold gel works better than any thing you get from the doctors for MRSA !!!!! Fact . Silver 999 healing cream for everything from cuts to burns and the Miracle Pain away really is a miracle on how long the pain does stay away . Wouldnt buy from anywhere else now .”

“Although I’ve only tried a few of James Cooper’s wonderful and ever-expanding range of #colloidalsilver based products, I’m very happy to ‘sing the praises’ of both James and his products. His prompt and courteous customer service skills are second to none in my opinion.”

“Doing business with James is a pleasure. He answers your questions in a timely manner. He is very helpful when asking ” what do you think would help with….”. He also takes our advise or considers our advise about new products. When dealing with online companies you’re treated like a non person, but not with James. I am grateful for all he does.”

“Colloidal Silver & Gold have changed my life for the better in countless ways. Learning to make my own products using your items has enabled me to help countless people! Thank you, James! Best products on Earth.”

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