Old World Reset

Since October 2023 I’ve been researching the topics of ‘mud flood’, ‘meltology’ and ‘Tartaria’ and am putting together a body of work pertaining to what I learn.

I’ve been charting my journey of discovery into this most fascinating (and important) area by way of short videos, banners and memes.

Once I’ve learned something new, I usually upload a related video/text/banner/links to my related Telegram group (where only I post) and a Facebook group (where anyone can post or comment).

As of December 2023 I’ve started making quite a lot of Youtube Shorts, which are 1 minute or less and are a great way of getting a point across using camera footage, words and subtitles (Youtube automatically puts them in after you publish the video).

This page contains various HD photos of buildings and walls, mainly from Penzance, Cornwall and also a selection of my related banners/memes. Please feel free to use this resource in any way you see fit.

I also have a regularly updated list of my related Rumble and Youtube videos.

I’ve made dozens of  videos, here’s a few I particularly recommend watching as they cover the main issues quite well:

A Trip To Melted Truro

A Trip To Melted Truro (3 minute teaser)

Sunday Afternoon Meltology In Penzance

A Walk Down A Very Quiet Chapel Street

Introducing The Old World Instutute

An Important Message Regarding The Old World & Us

Note that the oldest videos are at the top. As the videos progress, I get more and more answers to the questions in raise in pervious videos due to research I do online and via books I’ve been purchasing from Ebay and Amazon such as Tartarian One World Order and Exposing The Expositions and Evidence Of The Old World. I also make good use of the various videos out there on social media, some of which I’ve listed here. (Note that I had previously uploaded this list to blogger and they had removed the post saying it ‘broke community guidelines’ but gave no further explanation).


Lucius Aurelain


Peaking Through The Veil

Pantson Theground Meltology

Old World Exploration

Jon Levi

The Tartarian Meltdown

Mind Unveiled

Click here to see more of my banners (scroll down past the photos). Please feel free to use any of them for any purpose.


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