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Fibromyalgia recovery with colloidal silver & hydration.

History: auto immune illness for possibly more than 15 years but labelled fibromyalgia about 8 years ago … after suffering with lack of energy and legs that simply would not work to the point of not being able to get

Real salt versus table salt

In a fascinating book called Salt Deficiency: The Cause of All Serious Diseases, author Martin J. Lara describes the importance of unrefined salt in providing all the trace minerals the body needs. Lara contends that the result of trace mineral

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High blood pressure by Dr F. Batmanghelidj

‘Physicians think they are doing something for you by labeling what you have as a disease.’ – Immanuel Kant High blood pressure (essential hypertension) is the result of an adaptive process to a gross body water deficiency. The vessels of

Bicarbonate of soda & lemon juice for health

The combination of lemon and baking soda offers many health benefits and it was proved to be efficient in treatment of numerous medical conditions. In addition to that, scientists have confirmed that this mixture has the ability to eliminate cancer

Links to articles I’ve written.

Aside from the 6 eBooks I’ve published over the last few years, I’ve also written a few articles, some of which are listed below:

Nataly feels empowered now

Nataly Campos is from Florida and has had various health complaints so approached the Simple Truths Foundation for advice via the Colloidal Silver Success Stories facebook group. A dialogue via messenger ensued and she was sent various links to related

Delphine’s transformation continues!

In a previous article, we read about how Delphine was benefiting from the simple advice contained in my eBooks and website articles. Today I got a further update from her: Hey, James. I am now on a mission spreading knowledge

Quick & simple health advice for Natpops!

An old friend of mine…well, the daughter of an old friend of mine messaged me today thus: Hey James! Hope you are doing well. Recently I’ve been reading your 5 point plan book because I’ve been feeling really unwell and

Really simple health advice.

Water Cure. Drink plenty of pure water through the day (not soda/chai/coffee) & use real salt not refined ‘free-flow’ salt. Body is 75% water, brain is 85%.  Hydrated body = healthy body & mind.

Simple truths for a rapid recovery #1

Delphine Auclair writes “Hey James, just a quick update after 5 days of water/salt therapy and 3rd day of urine therapy. Well, overall, I feel very fresh and have a lots of more energy. I have naturally cut out almost