The Healing Response

Also known as the ‘healing crisis’, ‘retracing’ or ‘herxing’, the healing response can be defined as:

“An intense temporary condition, which occurs before healing as accumulated toxins are released from the body.”

When the body makes the change over from a toxic lifestyle to a healthy one, there may well be some noticeable ‘side-effects’ that occur, particularly within the first few months. This is nothing to be too concerned about as it is simply the result of all those accumulated toxins being released from the cells and tissues and being expelled by the immune system.

This can lead to a wide range of symptoms, as detailed in the chart below.

Providing that enough water is being drunk throughout the change over into a healthy diet and provided that complete fasting is not undertaken recklessly, the healing response should not be too painful.

Drinking colloidal silver leads to a rapid detox of the entire bodily system, so be prepared for the possible retracing of deep health issues you may have. Reduce your intake and take a break for a while if it gets too intense. Once you are through that period, your overall health and well-being is likely to be more a of a ‘walk in the park’.

By James Cooper

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