Metaphysics & illness.

As an avid student of metaphysics for my entire life, I can’t help looking at illness/decay/degeneration from a metaphysical viewpoint. I know it’s not everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ but I’ve found mileage in the past from recommending that patients become more ‘philosophical’ about the diagnosis/predicament they have received/found themselves in.

For example, I quoted Buddha in my Attitudes post as saying ‘Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life force of the organism’. If I tell that to someone with a firmly entrenched victim mentality, they are likely to respond with something like ‘that’s all very well for you to say but you’ve always been healthy and I have not.’ If I say it to another type of person they may nod thoughtfully and say ‘yes, that sounds good, I’ll think about that.’

The following is a section from my second favourite book in the world, Prelude to Ascension (p.659-661). It was written with cancer in mind but the premise/techniques can be used for any state of dis-ease.

‘As consciousness integrates on a new level, there seem to be many things separating out; they are not there anymore. These illnesses symbolise – or are a part of, or represent – the old emotional responses that are no longer going to be there.

I think we are getting to a point where cancer is responding to a new level of soul integration, which is why some people get cancer in the first place. There is a major opening, a directive coming from the soul into the physical, and the cells do not get integrated in to that new level. Some of the cells get lost, out of control, and there is a lack of coordination, a lack of a coordinated response from that directive level.

One aspect of how to manifest the clarity of your soul on the physical level is to include the cells in your responses. In fact, they are the responses brought through the angelic perspective. Sometimes there is a cell or two that goes astray – it doesn’t function within the divine blueprint of the soul. If you have a technique where you occasionally ask all of these little lost cells to come back in, then you will not develop any cancer. In other words, it is when they get lost, and lost for a length of time, that they say to themselves, “I must find my own way.” They begin to use the dynamic growth energy without the growth directive of the higher blueprint, or the energy of the soul, and that’s when you get in trouble with the physical level.


  • Close your eyes and visualise your cells. See them as little points of light. Connect those points of light into a flow of light, like a grid system. Ask your soul to give you an image or, in your imagination, or your knowingness, a way of looking at that grid system. Put it on a screen, or do it within your own physical body. Look at those lights. There is a movement in those lights. They are within a flow. 
  • There is an overall movement. It’s like several rivers flowing and interacting with each other. Within each is an infinite number of points of light that represent the cells. Look within this light network and see if you have a few that have not incorporated into it. Invite them in, invite the little unincorporated lights into the flow of the divine blueprint. See the cells now entering the flow. 
  • Be sure that, whichever way you visualise these, you look in all of the areas of the physical body. Start with the head and go through the whole body system. Pay special attention to the brain area. Look at it as organising the electrical responses within the brain – connecting, connecting, connecting those responses and bringing those cells into that energy gridwork. 
  • Now clear the rest of the head, and the throat, and go into the heart area. Many women getbreast cancer because they are trying to open the heart, and there is so much energy when you create an opening that those points of light are not integrated into the new opening that the heart has made. See yourself stepping through a door; this is a door to the next level of using your heart energy. Clean out the whole heart network, the grid system, the pulsing beat of all creation. Clean it out, bring the cells into the light networking of the heart responses. 
  • As you get into the heart, you are going to see that there is a radiation that goes out to the universe. It does so from the soul perspective, the divine blueprint within the heart area. Include the energy of the throat chakra – clean that up a little so that the divine blueprint is there.
  • Lets now do the rest of the body. Include the arms and the legs, the solar plexus, the polarity and the base chakra (both in the energy sense and the physical body sense) – clean those up. Don’t negate those lost cells – they have their function. We are not getting rid of them; we are going to move them to the ideal of that divine flow, locking this light into the energy gridwork of the soul. 
  • Now I’d like you to visualise, or know, or imagine that directive level. It is passed down (for lack of a better term) from the Source itself. It gets to the hierarchic level around the planet. Connect into that, and through that go to a new level of cleansing of the cells. It’s as if you are looking in. You are finally say ‘yes.’ It is the surrender process: ‘I’ll allow myself to be directed, now, by this hierarchic level which I know is a cosmic reflector of all other levels that exist.’ Cleanse that now, just for a moment….cleansing, bring them in. Press the button, as you would on a computer, this contacts every cell that has not yet been integrated within the whole body structure, including the crown and the third eye. Sort all of that out, bring it in and allow it to enter that directive level brought to you from the Hierarchy. Now say gently, ‘Come in, little on (meaning the cells), come in, come in, we love you. We have a place for you. Come in, little cells, we have a place for you, now.
  • Thank you. Now let that settle in by taking a few minutes of relaxation or movement, whichever you prefer.

All right, my friends. I think you will find that this meditation needs to integrate for a while, and then it will probably settle down some. Your cells appreciate what you do. They want to be acknowledged. In a sense they want to be led, directed. You can make part of your weekly maintenance program an invitation to any of your cells that can’t quite sense that energy gridwork to come into it. Really visualise that and have them feel that connection to the energy gridwork. It will help, not only with preventing illness but with the integration within your physical structure and, certainly, within your life response.’

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