Month: November 2015

Overview of a protocol for MS patients.

• Increase intake of pure water until it reaches a suitable level for your body weight. • Quit alcohol, caffeine, red meat and junk food (only eat wholefoods). • Take 1-4 tablespoons of hempseed oil per day (increase dose over


Here at the Simple Truths Foundation we are keen on promoting some alternatives/complimentaries to the drug-medical model such as urine therapy, silver water, watercure, pH balance, oxygenated water, fasting, raw/superfood diet, Shilajit & B17 laetril. I wrote a book about

Reflections on joint pain.

Curing arthritis is a no-brainer!’ says Bob Butts of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s watercure fame. What is arthritis? It’s when two bones rub together. Why do they rub together? Because the cartilage that is found where two bones meet has been worn

Hemp seed oil.

With all the fervor surrounding cannabis oil (Rick Simpson oil) / CO (cannabis oil) many people are overlooking the massive health/healing benefits of it’s cheaper and fully-legal sibling hempSEED oil. I’ve been supping it and drizzling it on salads for

Silver water for plants & agriculture

Silver and other minerals are obtained from foods we eat that originate from organic soil. This soil contains living organisms that help to make minerals available to vegetation. When fruits and vegetables are grown on chemical fertilizers, we may not

WHO warns of ‘global crisis’ over antibiotics resistance.

The World Health Organisation has warned the overuse of antibiotics is fuelling dangerously high resistance levels and called on individual countries to tackle misconceptions about the drugs. Its latest survey of 12 countries shows many people misunderstand antibiotics and as

Using silver water for healthier fruits & vegetables

Many grocery stores and chain supermarkets now sell organically grown fruits and vegetables, which is great because there are special nutritional benefits that come from eating organically grown food. Organic foods are healthier because they are not irradiated, they have

Silver water & infected teeth or gums

Colloidal silver is considered by many users to be one of the simplest and most effective all-natural remedies in existence for healing infected teeth and gums. Here’s the evidence.. 3-step protocol: Step #1.) I use a small mouthful of 10

Black-Silver Healing Gel Vs. MRSA

Hayley from Scotland contacted the Simple Truths Foundation recently saying that she had MRSA and that the various anti-biotics prescribed by her medical doctors were not working. We sent her some samples of our new ‘Black-Silver Gel‘ along with a

Dehydration & cancer formation: 4 critical factors

The link between dehydration and cancer formation in the body is undeniable, according to scientific research and the findings of F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., as published in the October 1987 Journal of Anticancer Research. The main purpose of this article is to