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Old World Reset

Since October 2023 I’ve been researching the topics of ‘mud flood’, ‘meltology’ and ‘Tartaria’ and am putting together a body of work pertaining to what I learn. I’ve been charting my journey of discovery into this most fascinating (and important)

The Feng Fu point.

What happens when you place an ice cube beneath the base of your skull for twenty minutes? Traditional Chinese medicine has discovered a point in our body that when stimulated promotes overall well-being. This point called Feng Fu is the

Some spike protein detox tips.

Magnesium — plays many crucial roles in the body, such as supporting muscle & nerve function and energy production. NAC — (a precursor to glutathione) provides a variety of protective antioxidant effects, block damages to DNA, strengthening all organs, including

Hatha Yoga & Healing

The International Yoga Day was recently celebrated worldwide on June 21. We thought it is an opportune time  to share a few thoughts on the deeper understanding of the benefits of Yoga in general and specially for healers. The word

Unreasonable shipping charges – Nu Norml

Once again the small business owner is having the life squeezed out of him by monopolistic pricing from international couriers. I woke up this morning to find that the big shipping companies like FEDEX and UPS have hiked their prices

Silver – Nature’s Water Purifier

In a world concerned with the spreading of virus and disease, silver is increasingly being tapped for its bactericidal properties and used in treatments for conditions ranging from severe burns to Legionnaires Disease. While silver’s importance as a bactericide has

About the Chaga mushroom for health.

Chaga mushrooms have been used for centuries in Siberia and other parts of Asia as a medicine to boost immunity and improve overall health. Though ugly in appearance, the chaga mushroom is gaining popularity in the Western world for its

DMSO & colloidal silver eyes drops for cataracts & eye ulcers in animals (& humans)

A combination of colloidal silver (5-20ppm) with 10% DMSO for healing eye ulcers and cataracts. This combination has been of benefit to a number of dogs and cats and quite a few people. It feels exactly like Visine, slight sting

RESEARCH: Dandelion leaf extract blocks spike proteins from binding to the ACE2 cell surface receptor

(Natural News) The engineered spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2 can be STOPPED by a common “weed” that is exterminated from lawns every year. A German university study found that the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) can block spike proteins from binding to the ACE2

Colloidal Silver Wipes The Floor With UTI

Colloidal silver seems to work very well (and quickly) against urinary tract infections. I put ‘UTI’ into the search bar of our Colloidal Silver Success Stories page and the following results came up: I put ‘UTI’ into the search