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Once again the small business owner is having the life squeezed out of him by monopolistic pricing from international couriers. I woke up this morning to find that the big shipping companies like FEDEX and UPS have hiked their prices by nearly another 10% – it never ends! Huge globalist companies now have even more advantage over smaller (and most likely more ethical) companies.

As an example of how couriers conspire against small businesses, I created an account with FEDEX last year so that all my parcels would be sent via them. I guessed it would mean the prices would come down compared to using a third party booking company such as parcel2go. I was amazed to realise that actually the cost per parcel went up by quite a substantial amount this way, so I went back to parcel2go which is where I still am now.

It now costs us between £28-£30 ($37-$40) to send a 1-2kg package to the States. The alternative is use Royal Mail / USPS but Biden’s America has pretty much made that option unrealistic as the delays can be crazy. So here were are, once again, between a rock an a hard place with no solution presenting itself.

Our policy is to give at least one free sample with all orders. Customers that have paid for a courier service get more free samplers to ‘ease the pain’ of what should be a criminal amount to pay for shipping. This is the best we can do – we charge what we have to pay for shipping and the handling/packaging isn’t taken into account for the customer – we cover it all.

What more can I say? Small business are being ‘stitched up’ on so many levels and there’s no sign that it’s abating.

Stay tuned for the next unreasonable shipping price hike!

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  1. nana2106 says:

    Question about shipping to Denmark. How much for a small package?

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