Fibromyalgia recovery with colloidal silver & hydration.

I can’t shout this from the rooftops LOUDLY enough …”I’m better! I’m NOT disabled! I DO NOT HAVE FIBROMYALGIA!!”

“You have a chronic disability which is only going to worsen! Fibromyalgia is it’s name, here is some information to read.”

These were words spoken to me by a GP about 8 years ago now, although in hindsight I realise that I had symptoms for over 15 years. I guess it happened gradually but the day I couldn’t feel my feet on the floor and had no strength to walk to the toilet was the beginning of a shocking realisation!

I fell against the bedroom wall and called out to my hubby that I couldn’t walk. He laughed at me a little as I staggered about perhaps looking like I was tipsy! “No this is serious I think, I actually can’t walk!”

From that day, crawling, using walls and furniture and people as leaning posts and crutches became my norm!  I spent all day, every day in my bed. I urinate frequently but even that had to change as I couldn’t gather the strength to pull myself to sitting in order to crawl my way to the loo just a metre away. It sounds simply ridiculous as I write this but it was the way my life became.

Exhausted from doing nothing at all, with legs which would not allow me to walk to the kitchen for a drink even, I remained in my bed from one day to another and then the days turned into weeks and then months! Time became something I had no recollection of.

I couldn’t take my kids to school or work; couldn’t make appointments or do food shopping or manage my job in school. Back in the UK I’d suffered with chronic depression and had been prescribed many anti depressants since 1992.  I was given a drug that made me zombie-like and I slept an awful amount of the day. I couldn’t even get my kids across the road to the bus stop …that was back in 1996!

After a few anaesthetics for surgeries and some pain killers and antibiotics, I spent more time in bed than out of it. Every time the pattern emerged, I assumed it was to do with the dark loom of depression … as did my family and friends!

Something I noticed (which didn’t add up for the doctors), was that I suffered more severely in the summertime … not just disgusting Australian heat, but English summers too. Often Doctors would say it was arthritis but would be surprised when I reported that I was significantly better in the winter!  Going with the flow of my life, I simply walked when my body allowed (which I’m afraid was not very often).

A friend and I walked our dogs together daily and we used to laugh at ourselves for being ‘weak n pathetic’. We’d joke  about how little we would be doing at 70, for at the time she was in her mid 20’s and I, my late 30’s.  Three years ago, after struggling for six years, I completely gave up work as I could not function or commit. I had become unreliable and embarrassed!  I despised having to explain myself and talk about this immune disease label I’d been given.

My memory was shocking too and I didn’t even remember that I’d been given information until an appointment a few years later when my GP referred to the condition.  In the last three years I have been in my bedroom, reading on my phone, watching videos, searching for information to strip me of this label!

Last year, I began taking a nutrient supplement which made an impressive difference to my energy levels. As I began drinking water to swallow capsules, it occurred to me that I’d hardly drank water my entire life, I drank tea with two sugars at least half a dozen times a day when I was well but once bedridden I’d be lucky to have 2 or 3 cups a day brought to me by family members when home. I should add here because of my history of mental illness, I was known to be chronically depressed so my family kind of just left me alone as I was non interactive and probably way too horrible/boring to be around!

So, within a few weeks of taking supplements and another time when I ate very healthily for a 6 month period, I actually felt my best for at least 15-20 years! Water! Water was making a significant difference. I began to buy sparkling water but if I ran out I’d land back in the same boat.

Summers …ugh! I absolutely could not even go out the door!  I’d drag myself to get a drink and collapse on my bed for the day. We lived on take away for a few years as my hubby works long hours, so looking back on it all now, I see he pattern.

Bedridden, no water , junk food , no daylight , no exercise , medications, depressive cycle due to being a hermit / excluded from society and family … repeat! Oh yes, I forgot about major back problems / osteoporosis/arthritis! The supplements ran out and I regressed once again.

In December I got an MRSA infection and became quite unwell for a few weeks. During this time, a friend in the States told me about some products that were helping her health wise. We were writing frequently and discovered we had almost identical health issues! This was my introduction to colloidal silver and DMSO.

I researched! I watched videos, joined Facebook groups and read articles, etc, to flood myself with information about these healing products that had helped my friend! I was sick with an ear  infection before I got to buy the colloidal silver but as soon as I was better , I ordered some and WOW, it simply blew my mind! I can honestly say that I felt different the first time I had a small shot glass amount! I could walk with ease! I began going outside without l anime on walls for support. I started pottering in the garden and doing jobs around the house.

The major realisation came when I realised I was able to walk for more than a few minutes. Today, I easily managed a rocky, uneven and hilly walk that I’ve never completed without feeling completely exhausted and having to sit down! It was truly amazing!

I can’t shout this from the rooftops LOUDLY enough …”I’m better! I’m NOT disabled! I DO NOT HAVE FIBROMYALGIA!!”

I’ve been secretly thinking that this autoimmune disease has to be diet related. What I’ve been putting into my body regarding junk foods and drinks as opposed to the things I have NOT been consuming.  The key to the entire problem has been not filling my tank with the right fuel.”

By Sue Waters

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