Fibromyalgia recovery with colloidal silver & hydration.

History: auto immune illness for possibly more than 15 years but labelled fibromyalgia about 8 years ago … after suffering with lack of energy and legs that simply would not work to the point of not being able to get out of bed to go to the loo or make a cuppa.

With stress from work especially and life in general getting on top of me, I ended up in bed for a few years. For years, summers had been difficult and. Just couldn’t walk outside .

I tried healthy diets and nutrient supplements , all of which helped but until I tried CS this year , I hadn’t made the connection of needing water. I’d been dehydrated for years due to being unable to get myself drinks whilst home during the day !

I did have some good phases which were always in cooler months where I could manage a walk or a short trip to town , but work had become embarrassing with having to explain that my legs wouldn’t work and  had n energy yet I looked fine .

I took CS from March 2019 and after a few days I could feel energy for the first time ever years. I was suddenly aware that I was up at 6 am and still going at 10pm

From being in bed and staggering out around 2pm , having a cuppa and crawling back to a seat or my bed , to be active was shockingly welcome and  a breath of fresh air.

I still can’t get over the transformation and I’m grateful to my friend Mandi for sharing her knowledge with me; she has used CS and DMSO for over 20 years .

Once the first bottle of CS was in my body , I was like a walking miracle … I started making my own and I have not looked back !

I feel healthy for the first time in years and I am living a normal life after being told I would never get better .

I want to shout from the rooftops and share my new found knowledge with the world … if only everyone suffering in

the slightest way , knew about this water, it could change lives dramatically as it did mine .

With new abilities came a fresh start for me and the gloom that hung over me from being told I was disabled , has now lifted !

Life can improve if you’re open to methods other than prescription drugs.

Submitted by Facebook user ‘SOUL’, member of our Colloidal Silver Success Stories group.

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