Quick & simple health advice for Natpops!

An old friend of mine…well, the daughter of an old friend of mine messaged me today thus:

Hey James! Hope you are doing well. Recently I’ve been reading your 5 point plan book because I’ve been feeling really unwell and sick and breathless with headaches and it affects my work/social life etc. I’ve already noticed an improvement with the salt water but finding it hard to change my diet and stop drinking alcohol haha do you have any advice with regards to that? Lots of love from ‘Natpops’.


So I gave one of my trademark ‘simple, practical & concise’ answers:

A few tricks – take 25ml of colloidal silver (hold under tongue before swallowing) and then drink a pint of slightly salty water first thing in the morning. Make sure the first thing you eat in the day is raw – like some organic carrot or apple or something. When down the pub make sure to periodically drink a glass of water (no ice is better). Never go to bed dehydrated on wine etc, after pub/club time is a time for spliffs and water but not more and more booze. Learn how to make a kick-ass salad and make at least one big one a week, put it in a Tupperware box and keep in the fridge, add it to any food you eat during the next few days. Learn how to make a kick ass super smoothie and have them as well throughout the week, they make excellent breakfasts and are a great way to quickly/easily get super ingredients, like oils/salt/apple cider vinegar, spirulina etc down you. Get a nasal spray bottle (cheap on ebay) and blast colloidal silver up your nose at least once or twice per day. List a few foods that you know are really shit and isolate the ‘big offenders’ such as chicken burgers or whatever – cut them out, you really don’t enjoy them whatever you may think. Hydration/salt is of pivotal importance so don’t forget that.

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