Bicarbonate of soda & lemon juice for health

The combination of lemon and baking soda offers many health benefits and it was proved to be efficient in treatment of numerous medical conditions. In addition to that, scientists have confirmed that this mixture has the ability to eliminate cancer cells.

Since the 70s, more than 20 different studies were conducted referring to lemon and its benefits. It was discovered that lemon is extremely powerful and can eliminate 12 different types of cancer. It is interesting to mention these findings were confirmed by the leading manufacturers of medications.

The combination of bicarbonate of soda and lemon can do wonders for human health. The bicarb is a chemical compound that lowers acidity in the body and thus prevents the cancer from spreading. Tumors can not survive in an oxygenated, alkaline rich environment.

For people suffering a health complaint, it is advisable to take 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and ½-1 teaspoon of baking soda before meals. It is important to highlight that lemons need to be organic as non-organic lemons are grown using chemicals.

Experts explain that lemon can be used for treatment of cysts and tumors.

Antimicrobial potential

Lemons are abundant with vitamin C, incredibly potent antimicrobial agent that is proved to be efficient as treatment as of bacterial and fungal infections.

Moreover, this fruit is great for fight against intestinal parasites and worms.

With regular consummation, you can control your blood pressure and reduce stress, as well.

Squeezing some organic lemon juice into a glass of pure water with a teaspoon of bicarb is a great way to start the day! Also make sure you keep fully hydrated each day, this means drinking plenty of pure water and getting the correct amount of real salt (sea/rock salt, not table salt) each. More info about this in my eBook ‘Water Therapy’ and in the ‘water and salt’ section of this blog.

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