Nataly feels empowered now

Nataly Campos is from Florida and has had various health complaints so approached the Simple Truths Foundation for advice via the Colloidal Silver Success Stories facebook group. A dialogue via messenger ensued and she was sent various links to related healthcare articles/videos. She decided to purchase a colloidal silver generator kit, which comes with as much ongoing support as she needs and all of James Cooper’s healthcare eBooks included.


“I have to tell you. You were absolutely right about me being dehydrated. All the health issues I’ve accumulated over the years seem to stem from that! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Crazy to think that for many years I avoided salt too!!!!  It feels really good to finally know these truths.

Thank you again for all your help and sharing of knowledge. I feel empowered and happy to be able to take my health into my own hands. These US doctors have been slowly killing me!”

We look forward to hearing from Nataly in the future. Nothing makes us happier than pointing people in the right direction so they can begin to take control of their health.


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