Delphine’s transformation continues!

In a previous article, we read about how Delphine was benefiting from the simple advice contained in my eBooks and website articles. Today I got a further update from her:

Hey, James. I am now on a mission spreading knowledge about urine therapy and water/salt therapy etc (nobody knows about salt deficiency). I’m going to treat big allergy of my friend now and more people are starting to ask me for advice, I’m so glad.


Also, I am still on good path and improvement day after day. I met a friend 3 days ago who I hadn’t seen for a while. Last time we met I looked so sick and unhealthy. What a surprise when he said “Oh my God, Delphine, you look so…healthy!!” I was so glad to hear this!!!

But it’s true, I look so different. My skin is starting to shine like crazy. My hair has great curls and volume now and my mood is getting much better also. So I stick to what I am learning now through the Simple Truths Foundation eBooks and websites, etc. My focus on feeling better and sticking to the Light.


I am waiting to give you proper feedback that you can also share with the group. I have also started a book with all cases I am starting to work on so we can follow people’s improvement and share with others.

I can’t tell you my gratitude because I can’t find enough words for that. I’m not tired when I wake up any more and this is so good! Am thinking once I start with colloidal silver, I may go and climb Everest!!! So maybe we can meet up there!!!

By James Cooper

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