Black-Silver Healing Gel Vs. MRSA

Hayley from Scotland contacted the Simple Truths Foundation recently saying that she had MRSA and that the various anti-biotics prescribed by her medical doctors were not working. We sent her some samples of our new ‘Black-Silver Gel‘ along with a litre of silver water (for drinking) and within a week we had our first positive feedback from her…

“Hi James. I just wanted to say I think your Black Silver Healing Gel is a little miracle worker! As you know I’ve been suffering terrible PVL-MRSA outbreaks (painful abscesses and boils on my face & head!). I could feel a couple of outbreaks brewing on my forehead and chin so the minute I felt them I started applying the gel to the areas. I am amazed it’s stopped them in their tracks and they have started to heal after only a couple of days. Some may say it might not have been MRSA but a regular spot however I just *know* how they feel and they were not ‘regular’ spots. I’ve got 2 painful MRSA ones on my head that came up overnight so I’m applying the gel to them to try heal them up quickly. It’s difficult once they take hold though but here’s hoping. I will be spreading the word to some of the MRSA support groups I use. So a huge thank you!!”

Stay tuned to find out if Hayle’s condition continues to improve…here at the STF we sincerely hope it does and are hopeful that it will.

UPDATE 14th February 2016:


Hayley writes: “Ok, so I’d like to share my SUCCESS story with you all. I am now officially MRSA free. After a 9 month battle my swabs are negative. Yes I was on antibiotics as the severity of the infection would have left me in hospital fighting for my life if i didn’t take them BUT I truly believe by using home brewed CS this has been the key to my success. I have read time and time again about how well CS fights off intrusive infections but also helps certain antibiotics to work more effectively. I plan to continue to spread the word and hope I can help others fight this disease. I was all set for giving up in October, my mental health had deteriorated and I was also having meetings at work to discuss redeployment (I work for the NHS), but I now have my life and career I love back! So huge thank you to James Cooper for all the help, advice, positivity and confidence in me to beat this! I think we’ve done it together! So thank you.”

DO YOU HAVE MRSA?! Contact us today for a free sample of the Black Healing Gel (pay only P&P).

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