Overview of a protocol for MS patients.

17820823_10154252553971688_1227140077_n (1)• Increase intake of pure water until it reaches a suitable level for your body weight.
• Quit alcohol, caffeine, red meat and junk food (only eat wholefoods).
• Take 1-4 tablespoons of hempseed oil per day (increase dose over a few days).
• Eat at least one bowl of the ‘healing salad‘ each day.
• Begin each day with a large glass of ‘healing smoothie’.
• Drink 250ml of silver water each day (preferably sips throughout the day).
• Spend at least 10 minutes each day doing some gentle yoga/chi kung & meditation exercises each day (whichever ones appeal to you).
• Spend at least 20 minutes being in nature and breathing fresh air each day (if possible).

Other possible recommendations:

• Take a small amount of shilajit each day (about the size of 3 grains of rice).
• Take 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil each day.
• Take a 50ml shot of wheatgrass juice each morning.
• Utilise some form of urine therapy (either as sublingual drops, morning ‘swill-and-spit’ or drinking).
• Practice gentle fasting as time/inclination permits.

Try this for a month and see how you feel. My guess is that your MS symptoms will decrease substantially and that you’ll want to continue with the protocol.

Whilst this protocol can be very effective, it will not lead to lasting improvement if your symptoms are a result of mercury/amalgam fillings (these will need to be removed in the correct way).

Things to buy: Water filter/bottled water, spirulina powder, mung beans, sea/rock salt, 500ml bottle of hemp seed oil, bag of organic produce (such as bannanas, carrots and brocolli). The total cost is approximately £40-£50.

By James Cooper, 2014.

Please contact us if you have Multiple Sclerosis and would like more information about what you can do to help overcome it.

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