Healthy living tips.

Drink the correct amount of pure water and take the correct amount of real salt each day as a matter of priority.

Don’t eat unless you are actually hungry, never over-eat.

Eat soaked/sprouted nuts/seeds/beans etc.

Breathe a little bit slower and a little bit deeper than what you are used to.

Avoid unnatural, artificial and adulterated foods.

Make your own colloidal silver and use it internally and topically. Distribute it to friends and family.

Know the difference between acid-forming foods/drinks and alkaline-forming foods/drinks. Keep the pH of your body/blood correct.

Drink a glass of water or two half an hour before eating a meal.

Make the most of sunlight on your body.

Enjoy regular exercise, get the heart pumping and stretch the body. Work on holding a good posture throughout the day.

Avoid doing anything that you need to recover from.

Don’t lend your energy to negative and defeatist attitudes.

Live in the awareness that your body is a self-healing entity, when given the conditions to be so.

Take responsibility for your own health and be disciplined when overcoming bad diet and lifestyle habits.

Avoid tensing muscles that don’t need to be tensed.

Be aware to the many health hazards that exist in today’s world and strive to avoid them or protect yourself against them.

Keep your living environment clean and tidy.

Wake up in the morning and sleep at night. Avoid shift work and ‘night owl’ existence.

Extracted from The Five Point Plan, by James Cooper

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