Silver water 101


How to make the health-enhancing, life-saving silver water at home for the price of water.

1) Obtain an electrical adapter of 12VDC@0.5AMP or higher (up to say 35VDC@3AMPS), alligator clips and two lengths of 999 pure silver wire/bezel and some distilled, deionised or reverse osmosis water and a PPM/TDS reader.
2) Attached 2 alligator clips to the end of the electrical wire.
3) Fill a glass container with the pure water.
4) Insert the silver wire and connect the two clips.
5) Switch on the power.
6) Wait until the PPM reading is approximately 10.
7) Filter the colloidal silver through coffee filter paper and store in a tinted glass bottle.

Full instructions are available here and here.

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