6 health issues in the modern world that need to be addressed.

Having spent 25 years studying and practicing natural healthcare around the world, I’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of us lack any real understanding of what health means and how to achieve it. My books, websites and pamphlets aim to address this issue head-on and I advise everyone to have a look at them. Below is an overview of what I feel are some of the biggest issues that need to be addressed as regards healthcare in the modern world.

1. UCD: Unintentional Chronic Dehydration.

I think that 90%+ of the population are not drinking enough pure water each day, this leads to a huge array of illnesses. Drinking lots of water alone is not enough, we need to take the correct amount of real salt (not table salt) each day as well. Contrary to what medical doctors are taught at college, any fluid will not suffice. Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks are diuretic, which means you will pee out more than you take in. Read the articles on the www.simpletruths.me.uk blog to learn more.

2. Chemical overload / toxema.

Food/drink/medicine & cosmetics companies love chemicals because they are cheap and yield high profit margins. Unfortunately, the human body does not recognise such chemicals and tries it’s best to expel them. As the decades pass, the overall health of the individual deteriorates and illnesses such as cancer take hold. Whilst it’s virtually impossible to avoid all chemicals, it makes good sense to be very vigilant about everything you consume (check the ingredients labels) and minimise chemical intake as best you can.

3. Stressful lifestyle.

Wired on caffeine and over-flowing with nervous energy many of us go about our stress-filled day of earning money, raising children and dealing with our various health complaints. Dehydration, acidity, rushing around, trying to relax by watching the TV or getting drunk all lead to stress, which in turn leads to ill health.

4. Media overload.

Nearly all of us are spending far too much time watching the television and movies. Just because it’s the norm these days to spend hours each day indulging in such pursuits, we believe that this habit is dulling mental facilities and creating disharmony among the general population. We believe that TV would be more correctly refer to ‘telepoison’ rather than ‘television’.

5. Mineral deficiency.

Organic food was the norm during our grandparent’s era but now it’s a pricey alternative that most people are not particularly tempted by. Some of us take vitamin and mineral tablets but how can we be sure they actually work? (Studies show that many of these brands are inferior and that the bulk of the goodness gets excreted in urine, unused). See the article on super food nutrition to remedy this situation.

6. Hyper-acidity.

Many of our favourite foods and drinks are acidic in nature and, when taken, regularly will create a hyper-acidic environment in our body. It’s very important to learn which foods will produce acid and which will produce alkaline. Always try to keep your body on the alkaline side of things. A ‘quick fix’ is to put a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate into a glass of tap water and drink it. Fresh lemon juice also is highly alkaline once it comes into contact with digestive juices.

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