Colloidal gold & sports performance

In the brain, nerve cells communicate with each other through neurons and particularly in their interconnections, called synapses, which are the sites at which nerve cells communicate.

The brain is a collection of about 10 billion interconnected neurons. Each neuron is a cell that uses biochemical reactions to receive, process and transmit information.

A neuron’s dendritic tree is connected to a thousand neighboring neurons. When one of those neurons fire, a positive or negative charge is received by one of the dendrites. The strengths of all the received charges are added together through the processes of spatial and temporal summation. Spatial summation occurs when several weak signals are converted into a single large one, while temporal summation converts a rapid series of weak pulses from one source into one large signal. The aggregate input is then passed to the soma (cell body).

When colloidal gold is ingested, it passes into the small intestines where it is absorbed into the blood stream. The blood stream carries the gold particles to the brain where they are apparently able to cross blood/brain barrier and enter the brain cells. The gold particles can also enter the blood stream via sublingual absorption by simple putting a small amount of colloidal gold under the tongue.

It is believed that the nanometer sized particles in colloidal gold effect the electrical charges that are produced when those neurons fire in effect enhancing the normal communication that takes place between the nerve cells. This enhancement is believed to be responsible for increased brain functions and mental acuity that are reported by users of colloidal gold.

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