Sauna for all-round health & recreation

For the last 15 years or so I’ve been an avid sauna fan (some might say addict!) and go nearly every day. Here’s a few reasons why I think saunas are fantastic for all-round health & recreation.

  1. They are deeply relaxing! Even if you walk into a sauna with very high tension, you will leave in a very calm/relaxed state. This is excellent news for stressed people and even people with anxiety conditions, such as PTSD.
  2. They are a great way to get fully hydrated and consume all those wonderful elixirs that you may (or may not) know about. I drink around 1 liter of water during each session and often add things like sea salt, colloidal silver/gold concentrate or Lugol’s iodine solution to the water. The late, great Dr. Batmanghelidj said ‘Water is the cash-flow of the body, don’t bankrupt yourself!’ and I whole-heartedly agree! I even wrote a book about UCD (unintentional chronic dehydration) called Water Therapy.
  3. Parasites in the body get killed off by the artificial fever that the heat of the sauna creates in the body. The heart rate speeds up, blood pumps around the body and the immune system gets a boost.
  4. Meet smart people! Some of the best conversations are held in saunas.
  5. Sauna’s are excellent for skin care. Pores fully open and toxins held under the skin are released, leaving a glowing, healthy skin that others will surely notice.

Not bad! Monthly memberships to saunas can be very reasonable. I use the local leisure centre and pay only £23/month membership. I go about 6 times per week so it works out as less than £1/day…and that includes the liter of purified water. Happy days!

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