The wisdom of our elders

By James Cooper, 2015

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates.

“Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life force of the organism.” – Buddha.

Spending a lot of time on the front desk of Tony’s Holistic Centre in Kings Cross, London I got the chance to meet a large number of patients suffering from MS, cancer, ME, arthritis, pain, AIDS and glaucoma. It was a lovely job for me because I am passionate about healthcare and have a good track record of getting people back on their feet.

We were the largest medicinal cannabis dispensary in the UK and hence our patients were primarily joining our clinic in order to safely purchase cannabis products. My job was to advise patients about what healthy living is all about and that I did through personal consultations and by giving out a plethora of printed information sheets. My general health protocol was later to be contained in my books The Five Point Plan and Water Therapy (published by B.Jain –

Tony was as passionate as I was. He’d successfully healed himself of advanced candida by completely overhauling his diet and lifestyle. He was living proof that we create our own state of health by our attitudes and choices. He simply replaced his destructive habits with healthy ones.

In the early days, Tony used to give away substantial amounts of cannabis free to the HIV-AIDS community but stopped doing it when he realised that they weren’t particularly interested in changing their lifestyle patterns. ‘They seem quite happy with their HIV+ status’ he used to tell me, ‘all they want is our White Widow, they’re not interested in all the other stuff we recommend (like dietary advice, therapy, free books etc).

My job was to ‘clean the place up’ and make it a ‘proper clinic’, which I did over a few years. I was the ‘serious’ guy who didn’t smoke cannabis in the building, the ‘health freak’ who did yoga every day, the ‘guy you should talk to if you want to actually get better’. After a year or so in my job it became painfully obvious to me that most of the patients weren’t actually interested in ‘actually’ getting better. They seemed resigned to their status of ‘sick victim’ and would reject our offers to conduct consultations/therapy sessions with them. These people drained my energy terribly and I would often complain to Tony that ‘I’m not a whore! We can’t just keep prescribing skunk to people who have no real desire to get better!’ and he sympathised with me, it used to make him angry as well. He had a temper on him and sometimes he’d even start shouting at patients who were ‘only there for the bud’ – ‘F*** off if you won’t even read our healthcare literature! We don’t have to do this you know!’ he’d say. To which they would put on ever such a sorry face and retort with something like ‘stop being cruel! I can’t help it if I am sick’. Anyway, I could go on forever with tales like this

The main thing I want to say is that THERE ARE NO VICITMS! This was our standpoint in the clinic and it’s my standpoint today. So long as you believe that you have been treated unfairly (by life, the universe or whatever) you have missed the point of incarnation. EVERYTHING IS THERE TO TEACH US! So, you’ve been given a ‘bombshell diagnosis’. Of course it’s scary, like looking at a long stretch in jail is scary but its all part of a learning process. Patients simply MUST take responsibility for their own health and absolutely MUST make the necessary diet/lifestyle changes to overcome their illness. At Tony’s we had over 1500 books about natural healthcare/hemp lifestyle, plus numerous pamphlets that gave the basics of wholesome living. Spending time with patients who were genuinely keen on getting better was (and is) pretty much the best thing in my life, it literally makes me buzz much more than smoking a joint does. And when they came back looking so much better and telling me their doctor was amazed at their improvement, sometimes I’d even well up with tears of happiness for them. ‘Well done!’ I’d say before walking around the desk and giving them a big hug.

So to end I’ll say this: cannabis oil is totally amazing and should be available to anyone who wants it, especially cancer patients, but it’s not a ‘magic wand’ that will suddenly make you healthy. Whatever it was that you were doing previous to your diagnosis needs to be addressed and you have to exercise discipline. Don’t turn your nose up at changing to a vegetarian diet or practicing urine therapy. Don’t just accept that you are victim and always will be because like I said earlier in this post – THERE ARE NO VICTIMS!

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