Max gets off to a flying start

I met Max in India earlier this year and gave him a bottle of colloidal silver to take with him on his onward journey southwards. He was very happy with it and returned the favour by giving me some of his super-duper Woods 100 Navy Rum. 

Last week he ordered a Colloidal Silver Generator Kit from us and soon got busy making his own. Here’s what he received in the post:

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He has a water distiller at home so filled up a clean 4 litre container with it, attached the silver wires and turned the power on.

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Unbeknownst to me, the setting on the electrical adapter was only at 3V (our dispatch agent had made a mistake, we normally send the adapters out set to 12V) so it took a full 14 hours to make the colloidal silver…but it worked well, which was a surprise for me because I’d read elsewhere that you need over 10.5V to make colloidal silver. I keep learning!

He asked if the TDS reader was suitable to measure the strength of the colloidal silver and I responded by sending him a link to a brief article I’d written about this issue. He used the lazer line (Tyndal effect) and build up of black/grey on the wires as a gauge to see he’d created colloidal silver.


The residue on the wires is a clear indication as is the Tyndall effect:


In a darkened room the red lazer line can be seen much clearer but still it is easily visible. This line is the reflection of the silver particles showing. With distilled water there is no Tyndall effect.

Max is now a fully fledged colloidal silver maker! He has the knowledge, ability and capability to make large amounts of life-saving, life-enhancing colloidal silver for himself, his friends and family. If I went to my local health food store and wanted to purchase 4 litres of colloidal silver it would cost me…wait for it…£748 ($925)!!!


He now tells me that he wants to learn a more advanced method of making colloidal silver and silver/aloe vera based skin gels. As a customer of the kit, he’ll get all the on-going support and advice he needs to achieve both these ends.

By James Cooper

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