3 new products for spring 2017

I’m in the process of expanding the Simple Truths Foundation product range and am looking for any feedback as to how I can improve formulas/packaging etc.


The first product (middle) is already ready but could perhaps do with some ‘tweaking’. It’s called Silver999 Hypoallergenic Healing Gel is the same as the original Silver999 without the tea tree oil/lavender oil. I made it because I got a couple of requests from people with dogs and a lady with dermatitis who got bad reactions from essential oils.

The second product (left) will probably be called ‘Miracle Teeth Whitener’ and is a mix of ionic silver and activated charcoal. It’s a paste that is brushed on to teeth and left for 20 mins before washing off.

The third product (right) will probably be called ‘Miracle Eye Lift’ and contains activated Royal Jelly, argan oil, coconut oil, beeswax, tea tree oil and lavender oil. I’ll no doubt make a hypoallergenic version of that as well.

All feedback appreciated! Free sample baggies for anyone who helps me refine these formulas (pay only shipping).

James Cooper

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