MRSA Vs chewing cannabis bud.

“I had MRSA two years ago. No antibiotics worked and after almost two months of increasing agony I was completely bed ridden and ready to give up and basically die as I couldn’t take the pain anymore and knew the Staph serious was mutating faster than any drugs could keep up with. So I took matters into my own hands and did this. Take a pinch of the best grade unprocessed cannabis and chew it for a few minutes then move the small ball under your tongue and keep there for another few minutes. Then swallow it. Repeat three or four times a day. In 48 hours the pain will have almost gone and all inflammation and redness as well. One week it will have completely killed off the bacteria but just for good measure do this for two weeks. Make sure all bedding clothes etc are cleaned with some disinfectant and also make sure any pets are washed as well. My dog was the carrier and the bacteria lived in its runny nose as it does usually in humans but burst out when antibiotics cause it to adapt or die.”

David King.

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