Delphine update August 2017

In this article, we read about how Delphine was benefiting from following the Water Cure and starting urine therapy and in this article we charted her continuing success.

Last month she returned to her homeland, France, for a month and learned how to make colloidal silver. She also received some colloidal silver concentrate, Miracle Pain Away spray and DMSO. 

Certainly not backward at coming forward with new ideas, Delphine went about applying her recently acquired knowledge and products with great results! Today she posted one of her success stories as a comment on our vibrant Facebook group Colloidal Silver Success Stories:

“My dog used to suffer from very bad purulent dermatitis, so bad that last time it happened my mum got stuck almost a year doing various quite useless treatment to him. 2 weeks ago, I spotted right on time the beginning of a crisis. My mum started crying because she remembered that particular year and it was really awful for both my dog and her. The only difference is that this time, we are full aware of CS amazing possibilities, and as I have started making it, we also have full stock ! I sprayed straight away, and made also compress; the day after it was dry, finished ! I hope your dog will heal fast, good luck to you and him!”

See what happens when you equip yourself with some fundamental healthcare knowledge and a simple colloidal silver kit! People around you…animals and plants around you…and of course you yourself start to get healthier and healthier…Cheers!

Delphine is back off to India soon, so a place called Chitrakoot where there is a drought problem and subsequently widespread ill health. We look forward to supporting her in her efforts there and charting her ongoing success.

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