My day at the Simple Truths online office

Work begins over coffee in the morning when I open up my laptop and begin the process of catching up with everything; soon I have various windows open and am ‘multi-tasking’. The usual windows that I leave open include Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Gmail, Ebay, WordPress and Word.

Answering messages, moderating and posting articles on my various groups/pages and researching various topics.

Microsoft program that I use to make notes, copy-paste online research content for printing purposes, composing eBooks and making banners (learning better graphic design software is on my to-do list!)

Keeping abreast of current affairs from sources I specifically chose to follow.

Uploading healthcare articles and colloidal silver testimonials.

Keeping abreast of current affairs from sources I specifically chose to follow and researching various topics. Uploading my own videos to the Simple Truths Foundation channel.

Answering non-facebook message communication and receiving alerts from sales, social media etc.

Adding articles to the Simple Truths Foundation website, checking online orders.

Listing new products, checking orders and answering questions.

I currently prefer to communicate via Facebook message for various reasons. 1) it’s easier for me to locate and pick up on old communications 2) all previous communications are stored for reference and are easy to access 3) I can more easily communicate with multiple people at the same time. So if possible, please use that method.

I nearly always enjoy my work immensely. From creating new articles/banners/videos to learning new things to sharing amazing information and of course, receiving so many testimonials on a daily basis makes this the best job I’ve ever had.

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