8 tips for people with a ‘terminal’ diagnosis

I got a message from someone I’d sold a colloidal silver kit to last week saying that his sister had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I sent him some links to articles but it got me thinking about what I’d actually do if I suddenly realized that my health was in very poor shape..

1) I would thoroughly research my particular condition by reading a wide range of articles from different sources, joining related discussion groups and ordering any related books.

2) I would quit ingesting ALL foods/drinks/substances/practices that I needed to recover from. Anything that needs to be cooked, most packaged fooed, anything containing chemicals of any sort. I would rapidly morph into super foods/juice/primarily raw food type person.

3)  I would pay close attention to the acidity of my body and make sure it became predominantly alkaline by cutting down on acid forming foods and probably drinking alkaline drinks, such as bicarbonate of soda / lemon water etc. More information is in the Diet chapter of my Five Point Plan eBook and facebook page.

4) I would make sure that I was FULLY hydrated at all times with high quality, ‘structured’ and oxygenated water. This would probably translate into drinking RO/distilled water that had been bubbled with Oz3 and then had electrolyte (such as salt, bicarb, lemon etc) added.

5) I would drink my own urine regularly through the day, holding under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing.

6) I would drink plenty of freshly made 10-20 ppm ionic colloidal silver each day. I would also create other silver solutions, such as encapsulated CS and CS concentrate and take them too. Join the Colloidal Silver Success Stories facebook group here, purchase a generator kit here, order the Silver Water Manual eBooks here.

7)  I would take supplements, definitely high quality ‘full extract’ cannabis oil (take it each day in careful doses). Depending on my exact condition, I would probably take supplements such as DMSO, Lugol’s iodine solution, activated charcoal, Diatomaceous earth, apricot seed kernels and shilajit. Join The Legalisation of Medical Cannabis facebook group here, join the Alternatives to Cannabis Oil facebook group here.

FECO revellation
8)  I would put myself in an environment away from pollution and take plenty of time to be in nature, breathing fresh air, getting sunlight on my body and ‘smell the roses’.

By James Cooper

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