Skin condition/UT/water/salt conversation

The following is a transcript of a Facebook message exchange between James Cooper of the Simple Truths Foundation and Ntsiuoa Mmakabelo Mofokeng Gumede from South Africa. It covers urine therapy, hydration and salt deficiency in relation to a chronic skin condition.

Ntsiuoa: I would like to know I hv spots all all over my body I hv been like this for yrs and hv tried so many things without any results will drinking my Urine help me to get rid of the spots and how long will it take and how much of Urine should I drink a day to see results pls help soo desparate to get my skin clean thnx in advanced
James: how hydrated are you generally? How much pure water do you drink each day?
I drink 3 litres of water per day counting thru the 1.5 litre bottles
and salt? how much (not table salt but real sea or rock salt)
I don’t do salt at all I spice my food
So I think you suffer from salt deficiency. I recommend putting a pinch of quality salt in your water unless you have a kidney condition?
I don’t hv a kidney problem I’ve done some check ups and my kidneys are in perfect condition so tell me James which salt should I use ?
same salt as our grandparents used, regular salt, not the comercial ‘free flow’ poison
I blv the sea salt will be fine?
yes, put around 1/4 level teaspoon per litre
so u think the itchiness and spots is coaused by tht?and on sunday mornin which is yesterday I drank my first urine of the day thn later maybe after an hour or so I ws having a running tummy so wht do u think I drink a cup of Urine tht is stl warm frm me
the water you drink can’t get inside the cells if you are salt deficient. The running tummy was probably a detox that occured
oky thnx a lot fr ur time I will buy the salt and put it in the water and see wht happens Bt should I continue with the urine therapy?every morning?
sure, I have a sip or two each day. Hold under tongue for a few seconds before swallowing.
Main thing is your salt deficiency though from what you’ve told me.
oky so why do u hold it fr a second before swallowing?
receptor points/lymph nodes under the tongue
oky so it must be done that way it doesn’t matter wether U new or old on therapy?
doesn’t have to be done that way but it’s best. You don’t actually need to swallow it, most important is hold it under the tongue. Even just a drop under the tongue every couple of hours can work ‘miracles’.
Universal Remedy poster
this is more intresting I didn’t know tht thnx a lot will definatly do it almost every day thnx James a lot
change it every few days or use vodka instead of water
oky so I mix my urine with Vodka?? any kind as long as its Vodka?
any clear liquors
preserves it and aids absorption under the tongue
thnx will try it and will tell u the results in a month or so thnx very much and hv a grt afternoon

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