How Brian beat cancer

Brian Smiley writes: “I have been asked by a member to share some info regarding my own cancer journey and how I beat my aggressive prostate cancer from 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after 3 biopsies showing it was growing very quickly over a period of a year.

First biopsy showed 2 out of 19 core samples were cancerous. Second biopsy 3 months later it had grown to 12/19 samples were cancerous. Third biopsy showed it had grown to 19/19 samples and had started to metastasize. My PSA was now at 12, which was fairly high.

However the more important number is the Gleeson Index, where the biopsy is rated as a number based on volume + aggressiveness. Mine started out as a 3+4=7, considered in the upper range of activity. Surgery was scheduled.
I had started on alternative protocols by this time hoping to alleviate the cancer damage. I had a total prostectomy however it had spread to bladder & bowel tissue. I was also told I would be wearing a diaper for 2 years as there is a lot of surgical trauma to the nerves and I would just have to live with it. I THINK NOT!!

So I had started a blend of graviola, guinea hen weed, bitter apricot kernels & B17 as well as grapeseed extract to arrest the cancer, as chemo & radiation is not a good choice. I also added and still take colloidal silver.

I also started to manage the incontinence by taking dandelion weed. At the first 3 month follow up I was asked how many diapers I was using each day. I replied: NONE!! Surgeon couldn’t understand as I was the first one he had ever seen with this result. Ever since the follow up appointments were showing a decline of the total PSA numbers from 7 post surgery to now a new number of less than 0.01. THAT NUMBER IS CONSIDERED AS CANCER FREE.
As proof, here is my latest lab results posted.

So, here is a direct personal testimony that alternative remedies can and do work 🙂 It has been a really tough battle, however one has to get up each and every day and take on the role of a FIGHTER, not a VICTIM!!!

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