Thoughts on hypertension

In my experience, high blood pressure is usually the result of UCD (unintentional chronic dehydration). The pioneering work into hydration by the late, great Dr. Bmanghelidj is synthesised in my book Water Therapy. There are some related articles at the blog of the website about it ( You can watch lectures from Dr. B on youtube, for example as well.

I believe strongly in making, taking and distributing the easy & cheap to make, ultra amazing elixir called colloidal silver ( and I also believe that correct hydration is of pivotal importance with regard to health an wellbeing. The body is approximately 75% water and the brain 85%. That water, both the lakes – the lake that the cells swim in and the lake that is within the cells (intra-cellular) must be hydrated. If not, all kinds of diseases and malfunctions will eventually occur. According to the books I’ve read, the salinity of healthy human blood is approximately the same as sea water.

Only last week I met someone who told me his blood pressure was through the roof. I spoke with him for about 10 minutes about it and learned that he drank lots of coffee, diet coke, ‘Monster’ energy drink and beer/wine but hardly ever drank water. He listened very carefully and told me he’d drink the recommended amount of water with the correct amount of sea salt in it. Two days later he was very happy ‘I drank 4 litres of water yesterday and my blood pressure has dropped loads!’ he said. I love it when people listen to the simple truths for healthy living and apply the necessary changes to their life.

All 4 of my e-books (including The Silver Water Manual and Water Therapy) are available for a suggested donation of $10. If you can’t afford that then you can have them for $5 or free.

Eat well, get fully hydrated, make/take colloidal silver.

By James Cooper

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