Deficiency, enervation & toxema.

All human life has a blood stream, which nourishes the body and removes disease causing germs. Life force/chi energy is ubiquitous and when the body is allowed sufficient rest, sunlight, nutrition etc, the same power that created the body will also heal the body; all the rest is ‘jazz’.

Aside from injuries, emergencies or complications resulting from injury, diseases are caused by any or all of just three factors – deficiency, enervation and toxema.

The deficiency of necessary food substances (such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and enzymes) leads to the breakdown of cells, tissues and organs. Modern medicine gives names to the various diseases according to the particular location of the breakdown.

Enervation refers to the weakening of vital nerve energy (through stress, tiredness, negative thoughts, over eating etc). There are 2 sources of toxema: toxic foods/drinks and toxic chemicals. Retention of this excess leads to decomposition of the food and the production of irritating and toxic chemical waste. This waste provides fertile ground for the growth of microbes and other various species of bacteria, which further increases the intensity of the toxic state.

Dr John Tilden formulated the enervation/toxema model as a recurring cycle whereby the body can encounter any number of diseases over its lifespan.

Without any diagnosis, the principles of the Five Point Plan have shown time and time again to bring about true health and healing. Following the Water Cure and cleaning up diet/lifestyle habits is very often all that is needed for a full recovery in a short space of time, no diagnostic labels necessary.

Animals know this intuitively and it is high time that we humans become aware of it consciously. The ideal way to treat patients is to use whatever diagnostic knowledge is available, but not be overly concerned with the accuracy.

Extracted from the Introduction to the Five Point Plan, by James Cooper.

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