Healthy eating made simple

Healthy eating is not about eating a large quantity of food, it’s about eating a relatively small amount of the right food. The ‘right food’ has always been with us, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, pulses, oils, salts and herbs. If these foods are exposed to high temperatures (cooking) they lose much of their goodness. Raw, or perhaps lightly steamed food, is far healthier. Soaking nuts for a few hours in water or sprouting seeds/beans/pulses is a very powerful way to obtain maximum nutrition.

Whilst it’s not always possible, it makes a lot of sense to try to source as much organic produce as possible, this is because the nutrient content is usually far higher. With organic produce/products you can also be sure that harmful chemicals are not contaminating the food.

We were not designed to consume processed food so it makes very little sense to eat it. If a product is advertised on the TV or in the magazines you can be fairly sure it’s a good idea to avoid buying it.

Know that the key elements of the human diet are water, salt & oil. Drink pure water, avoid ‘table’ salt / ‘free flow’ salt and make sure the oil that you buy is high quality, such as hempseed/extra virgin olive/avocado/coconut oil.

‘Super foods’ refers to those foods that have a particularly beneficial effect on health and healing. Included in the long list of such foods are: Apple cider vinegar, molasses syrup, Coconut water/oil, Hempseed oil, spirulina and Wheatgrass juice. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with water/juice, molasses can be eaten off a spoon, coconut oil can be cooked with or added to food (but the boxed/canned coconut water in Europe has lost much of its goodness), hempseed oil should not be used as a cooking oil but can be added to many foods or sipped from the bottle (it tastes nutty), spirulina powder can be mixed with both sweet and savoury food and wheatgrass juice can be made at home (it only takes a week or so to grow in a tray) and drunk as a shot in the morning or added to juices.

Try to consume super foods regularly for optimum health and well-being.

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