Finest Shilajit available in limited supply

You may remember seeing Dasa‘s amazing response from Miracle Pain Away/Pain Away gel last week on our Youtube channel. He has very kindly gifted the Foundation some finest Shilajit, or ‘Mountain Tar’ from the Himalaya. It contains a large amount of fulvic acid and is widely believed to be a pancea of the highest order in Ayurvedic medicine. Indeed there is a saying ‘If a disease cannot be cured, Shilajit will cure it’. It’s generally taken with milk, has a very acrid taste and gives a monstrous boost to energy! Last time I took some I felt like running up some flights of stairs. Just a tiny amount, the size of 2 grains of rice, is all that’s needed. I have 5 packs available @ £20/20g. Profits go to the Penzance Catnip Charity, providing grade-A catnip to local cats and cats of customers who request a free bag of it with their order.

Please message me via Facebook to order. Shipping will be £1/UK or £3.50/US

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