How to calm a crying baby

Parents who are worried of their babies crying always, here is a simple solution. A doctor’s simple tutorial for calming down a crying baby in seconds has become viral in social networking sites. This video has become sensational on YouTube with millions of views within a short period. Dr. Robert Hamilton, who practices at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, said his patients urged him “a million times” to share his advice online.

He finally uploaded the video of his demonstration and getting a huge response from the viewers. “I’m a little bit humbled. I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen,” Hamilton told. Hamilton named the technique as “The Hold”. It consists of four steps. They are:

  1. Pick up the baby and fold his arms comfortably across his chest.
  2. Secure the baby’s arms with your hand after they’re folded and hold the baby in a way that hand also supports the baby’s chin.
  3. Gently hold the baby’s bottom with your dominant hand. Use the fleshy part of your hand, not your fingers, to ensure a secure hold.
  4. Position the baby at a 45-degree angle and gently swing him. The motion can be up and down, or you can try shaking the baby’s bottom. The key is to make the sequence smooth and avoid jerky movements. The angle is important because it helps you keep control of your baby.

Watch the video here carefully and follow the steps:

Hence, the results are quick and superb in the video as the demonstration on babies who are happy and particular after receiving the simple treatment. Point to be remembered is that use the technique on babies up to the age of 2 or 3 months. Because after that, they become too heavy to be held in this position.

“The Hold” works because “That’s a comforting position for a baby because you have to remember where they’re coming from a very tight womb and they’ve been in that position for a long time,” Hamilton said. Hamilton has found this method will quite 90 percent of babies. It doesn’t work on infants who are ill or hungry. Hamilton hopes the video helps many families across the world. “This is my Christmas gift,” he said.

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