The Natural Hygiene terms ‘acute disease’ and ‘chronic disease’.

In this Natural Hygiene model of health care, disease is divided into 2 distinct types. Illnesses or disease symptoms are evaluated as “acute” in the earlier stages, meaning the body can make a complete recovery into health if strict, corrective action is taken soon enough. Examples of short-lived, acute illnesses are the so-called “common cold” and a mild case of the “flu,” diarrhea, headache, indigestion, fatigue, and all “-itises” and all in their very early stages.

Disease that has progressed until irreversible tissue damage has taken place is evaluated as “chronic and degenerative.” Examples of long-term, chronic diseases include most advanced cancers and emphysema, gangrene, ulcerative colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic, degenerative disease is latter stage disease, meaning the body can at least arrest the degeneration, or at best, make a partial or near-full recovery into health if corrective action is taken immediately and strictly.

Susan pointed out to me such a simple but profoundly well-put reality: when people get sick, they really don’t care about models and schools of thought explaining the causes of disease. They simply want to get well! They want what “gets results.” And the very best results and fastest results come with healthful living habits. The 2 most important healthful living habits are: (#1) getting enough rest and sleep for revitalization of Nerve Energy reserves and (#2) eating the raw food diet for both energy conservation and provision of necessary and wholesome, raw materials so that the body can rebuild healthy tissues most efficiently.

I will say, however, that after all my years of working to help Health Seekers in all stages of acute and chronic diseases, once a person starts studying Natural Hygiene in depth and studying especially Dr. Tilden, Dr. Shelton, Dr. Vetrano, and my 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense, this Health Seeker who both studies and lives strict Natural Hygiene enough to reap benefits invariably does want to learn more and eventually does indeed then “care about models and schools of thought explaining the causes of disease.” Out of love for fellow man, woman, and child, they are driven to learn more and to share the blessings of this knowledge. This is how a Health Seeker turns into a Health Revolutionist, out of the humanitarian desire to share this amazing information and help end pain and suffering, whenever possible, among others!

To clearly understand The Toxemia Model of disease origin, let us first rule out emergency situations of wear-and-tear patients and accident victims who need 11th hour medical intervention because they are in the throes of death or extreme distress (about 5% of sick persons). Let us then address all Health Seekers with acute or chronic diseases (about 95% of sick persons). For these Health Seekers, the systematic application of The Superlative Alternative is the best one that gets the most consistent, most dramatic health results without any drug and doctor dependency, whatsoever, and without the enormous expense that comes with them. Simply put: The Toxemia Model offers the best solution for any Health Seeker with diseases, acute or chronic!

3 considerations in understanding the differences between acute & chronic disease.

  1. Disease evolves from Enervation to Toxemia to acute symptoms of Irritation and then Inflammation. These are the formal terms used to name the first 4 stages of disease in Dr. Tilden’s 7 Stages of Disease paradigm. When these symptoms are not reversed through healthful living habits, the symptoms worsen and evolve further into chronic disease and the latter 3 stages of disease, formally termed, “Ulceration,” “Induration,” and “Chronic Degeneration.”
  2. The 6 ways acute and chronic diseases differ are mutually exclusive. Once a person descends the stairs from acute into chronic, great steps upward into health can be made; but he or she can never return to fullest and most vibrant health.
  3. All people who are living The 10 Energy Robbers will eventually develop acute and then chronic disease if accidental death does not get them first! This reality makes “Our Live Food Factor & 10 Energy Enhancers Message” of utmost urgency and a complete blessing for absolutely every person on the planet!

6 ways acute disease & chronic disease differ.

  1. Acute disease has been short-lived in the making, in process only a few hours, days, or weeks. Due to higher Nerve Energy reserves and thus a lowered adaptation to tolerate toxic saturation, natural healing takes place. To repeat: examples of short-lived acute illnesses are the so-called “common cold” and “flu,” diarrhea, headache, indigestion, fatigue, and all “-itises” in their earlier stages. Chronic, degenerative disease, by contrast, has been long-lived in the making, in process over many months or years. For the chronic sufferer, due to lowered Nerve Energy reserves and thus an increased adaptation to tolerate toxic saturation, natural healing does not take place without strict, healthful living intervention. Examples of long-term chronic diseases include diabetes, emphysema, gangrene, rheumatoid arthritis, all the advanced stages of colitis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.
  2. In acute disease and while practicing The 10 Energy Enhancers, the sufferer may have flare-ups (“healing crises”) due to a higher vitality. In virtually all cases of acute disease, complete recovery into health is reached once healthful living practices are instituted and detoxing and repair are completed. The chronic sufferer exhibits lowered vitality and experiences progressively worsening symptoms as time goes on and does not have the vital energy to conduct any healing crises.
  3. Acute disease may last only a few hours, days, or weeks in the healing process. Even without learning about and practicing energy-enhancing habits, many people are healed of acute disease because their living habits are healthy enough and their Nerve Energy reserves high enough. But eventually and without exception, if energy-robbing habits are continued long enough, acute disease will evolve into chronic degeneration. Chronic disease will last the rest of the chronic sufferer’s lifetime and will be the death of him or her if strict adoption of The 10 Energy Enhancers is not implemented before the pathological point of no return.
  4. Acute disease reflects a strong enough Nerve Energy supply and residual vitality that powerful elimination of toxic waste and repair processes are still possible. Chronic disease reflects a long-term state of toleration of toxins. It is a state of continued elimination of enough toxins to sustain life but in compromised, ever-lowering health. In the latter stages of chronic disease, the natural healing rate is much slower for the Health Seekers who have weakened their defense mechanisms (also collectively called the “immune system”) by conventional medical treatment and who have taken years of drugs, surgeries, and other energy-draining treatments. For medical model refugees deep into chronic degeneration who have so weakened themselves on dead-end medical routes, the arrest or partial recovery rates are much lower and much less dramatic. Even in chronic cases, however, the cleansing, eliminating, chemistry balancing, repairing processes are still possible if The 10 Energy Enhancers are implemented soon enough.
  5. Acute disease is designated “remedial” or “corrective in nature,” because the disease evolution itself is an orderly, natural process by which the body attempts to eliminate toxins and repair itself. Acute disease results in complete reversal of the disease process if The 10 Energy Enhancers are strictly followed. Chronic disease is also designated “remedial” or “corrective in nature,” but one cannot expect the same recovery results as in acute disease. In chronic disease, complete arrest of the disease process and possibly some reversal and even much reversal of the abnormal tissues and fluids into health can be expected. In chronic disease, some tissue changes of a detrimental and many times irreversible nature have taken place. The tissue degenerations are sometimes reversible, sometimes not, depending on the severity and the type of tissue damage. Still, these improvements for chronic sufferers are causes for celebration compared to the dead-end medical route paradigm where virtually all just get worse and worse!
  6. Acute disease uses up energy in the elimination of toxic waste and in cellular repair, such that the tissue integrity and normal organs’ and systems’ functioning are fully restored. The Health Seeker may feel enervated or exhilarated when the acute crisis passes, depending on the amount of Nerve Energy expended and on the kind and amount of toxic overload expelled. This is the time to take extra rest and recuperate the Nerve Energy expenditure of getting well. Chronic disease is characterized by progressive fluid and cellular poisoning and retrograde changes, such that tissues, organs, and whole systems lose their functional integrity, ending in long-term misery and/or death of the chronic sufferer.

In summary: our message is urgent!

“Take action during acute stages! Do not let your disease evolve into the chronic degeneration! Once you get well, you cannot go back to your old bad habits if you intend to stay well!”

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