Katrina’s masala recipe

Katrina is a friend I met in India a few years ago at one of my workshops. Since then she’s been a regular contributor on the Colloidal Silver Direct and Colloidal Silver Success Stories Facebook groups as well as customer, mainly of the 2000ppm colloidal silver concentrate (which she swears by). Recenltly she sent me a lovely gift of high quality masala she sourced in Goa earlier this year.

Here’s her suggested recipe:


  • 8 vine ripe toms or one box of passata (chopped toms in a cardboard pack)
  • 2 med to large onions. Must be dry onions not wet Spanish type
  • Tom pureee
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Meat/Fish/Veg

This is really important.

Fine chop onion and fry in oil until it is caramalised, find the right hob and a heavy bottomed pan, do not leave it keep stirring, if you burn it chuck it away and start again. You can cook this on the hob but need a good fitting lid. Could take upto 30 mins. You will eventually find the right  pan & hob.

Add chopped ginger and garlic. To taste. Fry for 2 mins in the mix.

Add I heaped teaspoon of Masala: this is going to be hot. There is no filler like ground rice in that Masala it is all original stuff!!!

Heat that gently for about 2 mins, it will get thick and soak up the oil so go gently. Keep stirring.

Add 6 drops of Nano Particle 2000 CS: Haaaaaa just kidding.

Add toms and 1 dessetspoon of tom puree & about 300 mls of water.

Simmer for 15 mins, then let go cold and liquidise the mixture into a fine sauce. Cold for safety, the top came off mine and scalded me.

Leave the sauce on top of the cooker to mature overnight DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO EAT IT THERE AND THEN!


The next morning add the chicken thighs, they are very forgiving for the first time, I slash them 3 times to the bone crossways. Usually 2 per person.

if veg add as chicken. if fish add 1 hour before cooking.

Chicken: simmer for 45 mins before serving, thicken/meat possibly 1 hour. Fish oviously 10 mins.

Any sauce can be frozen, dont freeze meat as it goes stringy. I use the remainder of the previous curry.

MASALA FOR BBQ can also be used as a dry rub with honey.

Masala Powder keep it in the freezer for up to two years.

Best curry book. Camalia Punjabi “50 Great Curries of India”.

However, cut down her cloves to half.

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