Katrina is taking steps to beat possible MS/autoimmune

Katrina from Cornwall, UK writes “For the last 18 months, I have suffered from various symptoms but the worst have been the numbness/ tingling in my legs and arms.  Most recently I have also experienced some incontinence which is just horrible.  After seeing 2 Neurologists, 2 MRI scans, Lumbar puncture, visual evoked potentials, a short course of steroids and I have been referred to another Neurologist for their opinion.  The likely diagnosis is either MS or Devic’s.  The treatment for these 2 conditions is quite different though, so until a firm diagnosis can be made, no treatment can be prescribed.

I have a busy life as a Mum, Wife and Business Owner and so I am keen to explore all avenues to try and improve my situation.  Taking responsibility for your own healing in itself, is empowering.  The thought of taking pharmaceutical drugs, does not fill me with joy as the side effects can often outweigh the benefits.  Instead, I have chosen to investigate what natural options may be open to me.

I had heard about a talk that James Cooper from the Simple Truths Foundation had done to a local networking group on colloidal silver but I was not able to attend.  Having done some reading on the internet about colloidal silver and its uses, I was interested to learn more.  James was kind enough to meet with me to talk through the various natural options.  The simple truths foundation have also given me lots of useful information to read.  It can be baffling to know what is truth or not with so much information available, but I feel much more able to work this out now.  At the moment I have decided to take colloidal silver, drink slightly sea-salted water (about 3 liters a day), a super smoothie each morning which includes bananas, almonds, hemp oil and spirulina.  I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed (if only I could feel them!) for a positive impact.”

Stay tuned for what I hope will be an improvement in Katrnina’s health soon.

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Real salt versus table salt

In a fascinating book called Salt Deficiency: The Cause of All Serious Diseases, author Martin J. Lara describes the importance of unrefined salt in providing all the trace minerals the body needs. Lara contends that the result of trace mineral deficiencies is constipation because the body holds the fiber-rich waste in the colon so that it can ferment, a process that releases trace minerals the body needs. While fermentation is taking place, the body continues to remove water from the faeces, resulting in hard and impacted stools. Most textbooks now recognize that some fiber is broken down by fermentation in the colon. Read more ›

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How to calm a crying baby

Parents who are worried of their babies crying always, here is a simple solution. A doctor’s simple tutorial for calming down a crying baby in seconds has become viral in social networking sites. This video has become sensational on YouTube with millions of views within a short period. Dr. Robert Hamilton, who practices at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, said his patients urged him “a million times” to share his advice online. Read more ›

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A brief history of silver in medicine pre-twentieth century

The need for detoxification is based upon the principle that immunodeficiency, inflammatory and degenerative diseases can result from the toxic, accumulative effects of poisonous substances and pathogens within the body.

Silver has been widely and effectively used in the science and art of healing since ancient times. Dr. Eric Rentz thoroughly describes the historical stepping stones of the development of Silver solutions in his article “Historical Perspective on the Clinical Use and Efficacy of Silver”. Read more ›

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DMSO : Many Uses, Much Controversy.


Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), a by-product of the wood industry, has been in use as a commercial solvent since 1953. It is also one of the most studied but least understood pharmaceutical agents of our time–at least in the United States. According to Stanley Jacob, MD, a former head of the organ transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, more than 40,000 articles on its chemistry have appeared in scientific journals, which, in conjunction with thousands of laboratory studies, provide strong evidence of a wide variety of properties. (See Major Properties Attributed to DMSO) Worldwide, some 11,000 articles have been written on its medical and clinical implications, and in 125 countries throughout the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan, doctors prescribe it for a variety of ailments, including pain, inflammation, scleroderma, interstitial cystitis, and arthritis elevated intercranial pressure. Read more ›

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Delphine update August 2017

In this article, we read about how Delphine was benefiting from following the Water Cure and starting urine therapy and in this article we charted her continuing success.

Last month she returned to her homeland, France, for a month and learned how to make colloidal silver. She also received some colloidal silver concentrate, Miracle Pain Away spray and DMSO.  Read more ›

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Sitopaladi churna

Sitopaladi Churna is a classical ayurvedic medicine beneficial in a variety of disease relating to respiratory system, digestive system and immune system. Most commonly, it is used as base for several remedies beneficial in respiratory diseases. The main function of Sitopaladi Churna is restoration of natural functions of respiratory, digestive, immune and several other systems of the body. The main action appears in respiratory troubles. It can work alone in management of cough, chronic fevers and debility after chronic diseases. Read more ›

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Lugol’s iodine solution overview

Lugol’s Iodine solution is the Original Formula created by the French physician Jean Guillaume Auguste Lugol MD 1829, and later on by Dr Hulda Clark. It is suitable for both external and internal use.

Research has shown Iodine to benefit our energy levels and to improve our mental alertness and cognitive function, and it also helps in the metabolism of fats in the body. It helps the reproductive system, assists in nerve and bone formation, and helps produce full and shiny hair. It gives us a greater ability to tolerate cold, it strengthens the immune system and helps remove toxic chemicals and radiation from our system, and it even helps us in having a good night’s sleep. Read more ›

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High blood pressure by Dr F. Batmanghelidj

‘Physicians think they are doing something for you by labeling what you have as a disease.’ – Immanuel Kant

High blood pressure (essential hypertension) is the result of an adaptive process to a gross body water deficiency. The vessels of the body have been designed to cope with fluctuation of their blood volume and tissue requirements by opening and closing different vessels. When the body’s total fluid volume is decreased, the main vessels also have to decrease their aperture (close their lamina), otherwise there would not be enough fluid to fill all the space allocated to blood volume in the design of that particular body. Failing a capacity adjustment to the “water volume” by the blood vessels, gases would separate from the blood and fill the space, causing “gas locks”. This property of lumen regulation for fluid circulation is a most advanced design within the principle of hydraulics and after which the blood circulation of the body is modeled. Read more ›

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Sitopaladi Churna for congestion/bronchial issues

Sitopaladi Churna is used for upper respiratory congestion and bronchial conditions. Its takes with honey at sleeping time gives more effect for cough extricate.  It is one of the very easy-to-make Ayurvedic herbal powder mix. It is one of the best and widely used Ayurvedic medicines for cough, even for kids. Read more ›

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