The Complete Silver Water Generator Kit




Everything you need to make silver water at home or on the move.


Inside the kit:

Electrical adapter with clips. This is the primary way of making colloidal silver.

2 X 999 silver wires. Will last for ages and make many, many gallons of colloidal silver.

TDS (total dissolved solids) reader. To measure the purity of distilled/deionized water and indicate strength of final product. Take a reader before and after. Distilled/deionized water should read between 0-3 ppm (parts per million). Subtract the final reading from the former to get an indication of the silver solutions final strength. I am to make approximately a 12 ppm solution. This will drop by a couple of points in the first couple of days and settle at around 10ppm. TDS readings only measure particles in the water, not ions. Using an electrical adapter will create a mixture of ionic and particulate silver solution, so the TDS reading is only a ball-park figure but a useful one none-the-less.

Lazer pointer. This is the best way to be sure you have made colloidal silver. Place the glass container in a darkened place and shine the lazer through it. You’ll see a red line glistening, this is known as the ‘tyndal effect’.

Double ended electrical connector wires/clips. To use as a back-up in case you don’t have your electrical adapter available. Can be used with batteries or another adapter (say an old laptop charger – simply cut and strip some of the plastic covering off the end of the cable and clip the wires to the two exposed wires.

Nasal mister bottle. A great way to take colloidal silver.

2 X 9-volt batteries. Put together in a ‘lego configuration’ and clip the wires to the terminals to create a make-shift colloidal silver generator. Not ideal for long term use but certainly a good travelling companion/back-up.

1 X 100ml colloidal silver spray bottle. For topical and household use.

5 X coffee filter papers. It’s best to filter the final solution through filter paper placed in a funnel.

4 X re-usable plastic bottle tops. To use with recycle beer bottles.

Metallic scrubber & cloth. To clean the silver wires after use. Use the metallic scrubber first and then wipe down with the cloth.

Printed information. Various pages of instructions etc. Please refer to the Silver Water Manual Ebook (comes free with this kit) for full instructions/details. Always feel free to message me via the ‘colloidal silver success stories’ facebook group if you get stuck.

5 X natural healthcare Ebooks (by James Cooper), including The Silver Water Manual (ABC of making, taking & distributing colloidal silver).

Ongoing support via facebook message and/or email.

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